TINY TALES: Adam & Eve!

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"Tiny Tales for telling Teeny Tots!"

Exciting and fun short story PowerPoints to display when teaching pre-school or junior kids classic Bible stories. 

Designed to be used by Sunday school leaders and youth workers. 

Each scene is a 'moving picture' - you simply advance slide and the PowerPoint scene automatically 'animates' by itself! (See short intro video on Tiny Tales HERE)

Teaching information

Revise the story by reading Genesis chapters 1-3.

Picture 1:
World appears to indicate creation. Lighting and clouds fade in and Adam rises from the dust.

Picture 2:
Animals fade in to be named by Adam.

Picture 3:
Eve appears beside Adam in a beautiful garden. Various animals appear that Adam points out.

Picture 4:
The Tree of Life glows and Adam and Eve fade into scene to look at it.

Picture 5:
A serpent enters from left and Eve from the right with forbidden fruit.

Picture 6:
A glow from the garden exit fades to grey as Adam and Eve exit to left.