TINY TALES: Daniel and the Den of Lions!

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"Tiny Tales for telling Teeny Tots!"

Exciting and fun short story PowerPoints to display when teaching pre-school or junior kids classic Bible stories. 

Designed to be used by Sunday school leaders and youth workers. 

Each scene is a 'moving picture' - you simply advance slide and the PowerPoint scene automatically 'animates' by itself! (See short intro video on Tiny Tales HERE)

Teaching information

Revise the story by reading Daniel chapter 6.

Picture 1:
Daniel rises to pray at Persia as clouds float behind him. Other 2 governors enter plotting against him.

Picture 2:
King Darius at his palace issues law to them that everyone has to pray only to him.
Characters enter one after another as candle flickers. Baddie on left then secretly dances in celebration!

Picture 3:
Lions enter the den as Daniel is thrown in. More lions appear looking very hungry

Picture 4:
Morning scene as lions cuddle and lick Daniel. Darius appears jumping for joy! Baddies fade in and exit under arrest.

Picture 5:
Back in the palace Darius fades in and Daniel enters to 'fist pump' the King who is pointing to Heaven.