Tell TINY TALES now!


We are live with Tiny Tales!!!

Fantastic set of brand new visuals that younger children are guaranteed to sit up and pay attention to!
A host of adorable Bible characters fill scenes that will automatically animate for you - all you need is PowerPoint. YOU tell the story at your speed (helpful guideline and Bible reading plan on each product page to help prepare). Customize your talk to whatever audience you have.

Each story for now is only £3.95. They are not serial stories but are designed to be 'stand alone' stories with approx 5-6 slides per set.

Many of the images have a modern slant making them even more 'fun' to tell - look out for disco balls, microphones, coke cans etc. The expressions on these cartoon characters help instantly convey their emotions and the situations portrayed. Without a doubt Tiny Tales will be memorable for the younger audience and will quickly become a highlight of any Sunday School or youth club! (Lost Son, Lost Sheep and Lost coin make a great block to start with.) Have fun as you reach the little ones!

 (See promo video page for more insight)