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Our latest story, (which only went live last night), has already been perfectly summed up by a valued Tales of Truth customer:

"Everybody involved in speaking to kids should have this resources in their kitbag!! A MUST." (Ian)

We couldn't agree more! Its great to share wonderful missionary stories and challenge kids about true Christian heroes, but this story stands alone as the greatest message you could teach any child or adult. With 24 stunning scenes, you will have a range of images that will confront your audience with authentic visual aids - helping them visualize the events around Calvary. (No images portraying the face of Christ are in this set). Each graphic has been sensitively put together with reverence and respect, and seeks to convey the events as true to Scripture as possible.

Upper Room to the arrest at the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter's denial to the mock Trial of Christ, Pilate to Herod, Scourging to Crucifixion, Burial to the Resurrection, we firmly believe this set will be a wonderful platform for sharing the gospel message.

Wishing you every blessing as you reach out with this resource! Graeme.


We are live with Tiny Tales!!!

Fantastic set of brand new visuals that younger children are guaranteed to sit up and pay attention to!
A host of adorable Bible characters fill scenes that will automatically animate for you - all you need is PowerPoint. YOU tell the story at your speed (helpful guideline and Bible reading plan on each product page to help prepare). Customize your talk to whatever audience you have.

Each story for now is only £3.95. They are not serial stories but are designed to be 'stand alone' stories with approx 5-6 slides per set.

Many of the images have a modern slant making them even more 'fun' to tell - look out for disco balls, microphones, coke cans etc. The expressions on these cartoon characters help instantly convey their emotions and the situations portrayed. Without a doubt Tiny Tales will be memorable for the younger audience and will quickly become a highlight of any Sunday School or youth club! (Lost Son, Lost Sheep and Lost coin make a great block to start with.) Have fun as you reach the little ones!

 (See promo video page for more insight)

New exciting range coming of short Bible stories aimed at pre-school or junior kids. Lots of adorable characters and fun images that will be available in PowerPoint. Each of the slides have simple Powerpoint animation that turns them from still graphics to 'moving pictures'. You simply advance each slide and the scene will automatically build for you!! Storytelling will be LOTS of enjoyment for teacher and hearer with TINY TALES! Coming very soon...Lost Coin, Lost Sheep, Lost Son, Daniel and the Lions, David and Goliath...


No doubt you have heard of Corrie Ten Boom and her inspiring story of remarkable Christian love and forgiveness. Now its time to teach it to the next generation! From hiding Jews in Holland during the WW2 Holocaust, all the way to braving the horrors of Ravensbrück concentration camp, this incredible adventure will captivate, educate and challenge. This latest 'easy to use' serial story contains stunning artwork in PowerPoint, teaching script and printable art page - available to download now from


Progress is exciting on the latest set of serial story visuals. Illustration work began only after extensive research which included reading "The Hiding Place", "Corrie Ten Boom - World War II Heroine" and various other printed & online articles. Locations, costume references and actual photographs of the Ten Boom family have all been collected. I also took a harrowing trip to Auschwitz in Poland which helped envisage what life in a concentration camp was truly like. A storyboard with over 25 images was then sketched in preparation for visually conveying the remarkable story of Dutch spinster Corrie Ten Boom. With great courage and Christian love, Corrie and her family offered Jews a hiding place in their own home during WW2 during the Nazi occupation. Their sacrifice became even greater when betrayed, caught, arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo. (Shown in this picture left to right are Betsie, Casper and Corrie.) Look out for this amazing set of graphics which are well underway.

Graeme Hewitson, Artist.

Tales of Truth artist Graeme Hewitson has a bizarre pass-time... running ultra marathons!

He recently completed the challenge of a life time - running the full West Highland Way race. With 14,760 feet of vertical ascent across wilderness mountain terrain, the 95 mile course is recognized as one of the world's toughest endurance events. It starts in Milngavie (Glasgow) at 1am and you have 35 non-stop hours to reach Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. If you are interested to read his 9 page graphic race report then click on the link beside his name at:

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