No doubt you have heard of Corrie Ten Boom and her inspiring story of remarkable Christian love and forgiveness. Now its time to teach it to the next generation! From hiding Jews in Holland during the WW2 Holocaust, all the way to braving the horrors of Ravensbrück concentration camp, this incredible adventure will captivate, educate and challenge. This latest 'easy to use' serial story contains stunning artwork in PowerPoint, teaching script and printable art page - available to download now from


Progress is exciting on the latest set of serial story visuals. Illustration work began only after extensive research which included reading "The Hiding Place", "Corrie Ten Boom - World War II Heroine" and various other printed & online articles. Locations, costume references and actual photographs of the Ten Boom family have all been collected. I also took a harrowing trip to Auschwitz in Poland which helped envisage what life in a concentration camp was truly like. A storyboard with over 25 images was then sketched in preparation for visually conveying the remarkable story of Dutch spinster Corrie Ten Boom. With great courage and Christian love, Corrie and her family offered Jews a hiding place in their own home during WW2 during the Nazi occupation. Their sacrifice became even greater when betrayed, caught, arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo. (Shown in this picture left to right are Betsie, Casper and Corrie.) Look out for this amazing set of graphics which are well underway.

Graeme Hewitson, Artist.