"One of the greatest challenges facing Sunday school teachers and youth leaders today is not getting the attention of kids - but keeping it! When children are raised in a fast paced society full of 'entertainment', sometimes we can struggle to find quality material that compete with what they find outside church.

Graeme working on concept drawings

As a youth leader myself with over 20 years experience in teaching kids at Sunday school, summer camps, youth events etc, I found the exact same challenges as others...finding visual aids that would genuinely engage and keep the attention of their young minds. A few years ago I became increasingly burdened to help fill that void -
It was time to stop searching for graphics and start providing them! 

We all have different interests and talents - I have loved art since I was a kid, and seemed to have an ability in that area from early on - so I set my sights on a career as an artist before I was 10 years old. After attending art college I worked for many years as an illustrator / digital artist for a design company, but God later called me to leave behind my job and begin work with a 'higher purpose'. I became a Christian in my youth and had no idea that, in God's time, both my great passions (reaching kids with God's Word and Art) would come together!

I feel truly blessed to illustrate these amazing stories and have opportunities to serve God in this way. Speaking from experience, I am delighted to say that Tales of Truth stories genuinely work...not only am I the artist here - I'm also a customer! I have taught many kids and teens already with each of the available stories, and its a thrill to see the way children (and adults) are captivated by the graphics. Its important for them to hear of true heroes of faith who lived for Christ. It helps the Bible become real to them when they see how it has impacted others. 

I always find it amusing to hear multiple 'groans' when the 'TO BE CONTINUED' appears at the end of each lesson - audible proof that the story has been a success!

Please let others know of but most importantly, pray for this ministry - that God will continue to open doors, and the lives of more and more kids will be touched."

Graeme Hewitson 

(Artist at Tales of Truth)

Meet the Artist

Nov 21 2012


Since graduating in 1993 from Art College in Glasgow, Graeme has worked as a professional artist, designing dynamic images for the fine art industry.

In recent years though, he felt a real need to illustrate quality Bible-based graphics so his career took on a whole new path. Graeme became founder of Eikon Bible Art in 2009 then Tales of Truth in 2012.

His dynamic style of illustration, photography and 3D digital art combine to create compelling images which have been used all over the world in digital and book format.

Graeme lives with his family in the West of Scotland.