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Daily Express article on Livingstone graphics


"A talented artist has immortalised the adventures of Scotland’s greatest missionary in dramatic drawings to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his birth. Graeme Hewitson, from Johnstone, has created a stunning set of visuals celebrating David Livingstone’s epic crusade through Africa, where the Blantyre-born pioneer fought slavery, championed free-trade and spread the message of the Good Book. 

Using the latest digital computer software, dad-of-three Graeme has reproduced the missionary’s exciting continental voyage as a fully interactive slide-show of dramatic artwork for future generations to enjoy. Graeme, 40, who has previously illustrated the gripping tale of Titanic hero and Houston preacher John Harper, who perished in the disaster after helping to save the lives of others, said he was blown away by the incredible story of Livingstone. Born in Lanarkshire on March 19, 1813, Livingstone went on to become the Victorian era’s greatest medical missionary, explorer, scientific researcher and slavery abolitionist. Graeme said: “After reading a book on David Livingstone last year, I felt compelled to bring his story to the next generation in a visually relevant format, so I set about researching the history and geography of his amazing explorations. I discovered the true worth and passion of Scotland’s heroic explorer and was touched and inspired by his truly great adventures. Working closely with the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre, I began several months of work on a set of highly-detailed pictures to commemorate his life. It was a truly challenging but uplifting project to be involved in.”  

Using high-definition photography and 3D art, Graeme has created colourful and dramatic images to tell the amazing tale of a ‘rags to riches’ working-class man who made headlines around the world. Previously, Graeme’s art has appeared in many publications, including children’s Bibles here and in the USA. He has also been interviewed on Channel 4 and Sky TV. Graeme’s work has been compared to video game animation, which ensures an instant attraction with teenage gamers, as well as younger children.His company – Tales of Truth – also provides online resources that are downloaded and widely used by schools and churches for youngsters. Graeme added: “Livingstone was such a visionary man and his incredible life is stirring stuff. “I can only hope to do justice to the man and what he stood for by helping to bring his incredible story to a new audience.”   

Ron Moore, Paisley Daily Express."