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Nativity story visuals complete!

Tales of Truth Nativity Poster 

Delighted to announce that a full set of 20 graphics on the Christmas story are complete!

The wonderful story of the Nativity from Matthew and Luke's gospels bring fundamental and clear truth to adults and children alike. The promise of the Messiah hundreds of years before his birth, was fulfilled that night in Bethlehem when God's Son came to our world to be the Saviour of mankind. To Christians, the timeless story of Christ's incarnation is a precious and remarkable one, that brings opportunities to witness and share our faith with friends, neighbours and communities.

Personally as an artist, I work on many projects which bring exciting subject matter, but this range on the Nativity story has been a true joy to illustrate from start to finish. A lot of time was spent visualizing the characters, researching the geography & architecture, learning about clothing of the time etc. before tackling visuals on such a famous story. 

I firmly believe that the completed images are authentic, compelling, and will be of great use to anyone seeking to share the Christmas message with others. On viewing my finished set of graphics I know that nothing else could have been done to make the set more visually stunning, which brings a quiet satisfaction that I've given my very best. I trust that many will make use of this new resource and that God will richly bless you in your outreach.

Graeme Hewitson (Tales of Truth artist)